Pulling of huge temple chariots, inconveniences the public and the traffic flow in Towns and Cites

By | on March 1, 2016 | 0 Comment

The tradition of pulling gigantic temple chariots in streets was followed in olden days,since there were no automobiles and the roads were free for large crowds,to pull long ropes tied to chariots.The chariot weighs few hundreds of tons.There is lot of friction between the wheels and the axle since they have been designed with the available materials in those days.Due to this friction,the rolling of wheels will not be smooth and steady.They will move with jerks.The weight of the Deity,carried in the chariot is hardly few kilograms.Hence,it is not practical to pull these gigantic chariots on our roads,with the present heavy traffic flow.

If at all, if the Temple authorities,still want the deity to be taken out on the streets,every year,they can make use of a tractor or truck with open body,which can be easily manovoured through our roads.No need to tie long ropes,to be pulled by hundreds of people.This can be a practical solution to this unweildy problem.

Removing Temple chariots does not mean,we are forgetting our tradition.We have changed our tradition in many areas,such as dressing,travelling etc. So, no hesitation need be entertained.

Hence,let us not worry about removing these Temple chariots.

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